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Do you want to have enhanced abilities and qualities that stand out from the people around you? Would you like to demonstrate ‘character and personality traits’ that earn respect and admiration from the people with whom you work, date or just come into contact with? Well, what’s stopping you? Do you not have innate qualities and abilities? Of course you do! But maybe you just haven’t worked to identify and nurture them, maybe you are still not aware of your potential and just how limitless it can be? 

To become a ‘superhuman’ version of yourself is remarkably simple, and this book will demonstrate how.

Philip Charles

Superhuman abilities require superhuman energy, and Part 1 of this book will guide you how to maximize and focus your physical, emotional and mental energies and unlock your full capacity to reach the apex of human potential by becoming everything you're capable of becoming.

How to

define your Life Goals

Before you can be who you want, or get what you want, you need to know what you want.

Sounds simple doesn’t it, but it’s not. Knowing what we really want is actually one of the
hardest things for anybody to find out about themselves, and often it takes a lifetime.

We however, are going to be pro-active, and we are going to solve one of life’s greatest
challenges by the time we finish Part 3 of this book.

And so, to assist you in this complicated endeavour, this book will guide you through the steps needed to help you decide on your Life Goals. We will then work on ‘goal fulfilment’ which will involve the planning required to execute each step towards a successful pre-defined outcome.

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make more Time

So you don’t seem to have the time to follow through on all your plans and dreams.
You don’t have the time to do all the things you want and need to do.

But there are 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in each day, and seven days in a week,
time is the same for everybody. So why don’t you have time? What is it that differentiates
the high achievers, the successful, the rich, the powerful, the famous from the rest of us?

The difference is that your time and energy are not your own, because you have not yet
taken control over your life. To become truly great, truly powerful, truly exceptional, a person must re-evaluate their use of time, and conserve and optimize their time, and apply it only in the pursuit of their pre-defined objectives. You simply do not have time to be doing things that other people want you to do, doing things that are not bringing you closer to your goals.

Part 5 of this book will prepare you for greatness by instructing you in developing the skills of independence, personal autonomy and self-determination.

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have more Energy

It truly is remarkable what a person can achieve when they are fresh, have new energy, and are focused and optimistic, compared to when they are tired, stressed, distracted or depressed, when they can achieve little or nothing much of value.  

It is clear that we want to have more energy, not low energy. How a person ‘feels’  throughout each day – on a physical energy scale from lethargic to energetic – is  probably the most important limiting or enabling factor in accomplishing your goals in  life and being successful in your life choices.   

Part 1 of this book will show you how to maximize your energy, to ensure your physical,  emotional and mental energies are always at their peak, and focus that energy to achieve  pre-defined outcomes that will lead you on your road to limitless personal success.

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stop making Mistakes

The purpose of Part 3 of this book was to give you the tools to design your unique and perfect life, instead of just letting life happen ‘to you’. So, while you are at it, why not raise the bar, smash your personal glass ceiling and exceed your own expectations?

Now I have a secret to tell you. What you do not yet know, is that in Part 4 of this book, I will be guiding you through a personal transformation so profound, that when you come to revisit your Life Goals worksheet after having successfully applied all the principles within Part 4, there will be no glass ceiling to smash, no bar to raise. Your confidence and self-esteem, your belief in your own capabilities and self-worth, will have been elevated to such a degree, that you will not recognize your old self.

Shall we begin?

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achieve limitless personal Success

Do you have time to waste?

I know I don’t.

Too many self-development books have very little real content, but pad out the pages with lengthy parables or irrelevant and time-consuming stories just to teach a few basic lessons.

Today’s readers do not need parables or stories, nobody has time to consume large numbers of words, only to be rewarded with a few simple lessons that could have been bullet pointed.

What is worse is that these books often tell you what you could be, what you should be, what character traits and qualities you must possess in order to achieve success, but do not tell you how. They offer little or no structure to help their readers apply any knowledge gained, and they expect
no genuine results.

This book has been written to change all that. This book will tell you precisely ‘how to’ incorporate personal growth and transformation into your daily life, and towards your own specific set of goals.

Take a look inside, discover the proven techniques and strategies to transform your life.

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Have more energy

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